Wine tasting at Lake Garda

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   Have you ever experienced wine tasting? Being a couple of years ago in Tuscany, driving through Greves in Chianti, which was an unforgettable experience, I read in a tour guide that tourists need to be careful because there are a lot of drivers who drive under influence of alcohol. They simply go from a vineyard to a vineyard and have some wine tasting. It didn’t frighten me, opposite, I had a thought that being in this region, there isn’t probably a better way to familiarize with the region than trying local wines, which are its symbol and pride. I promised myself that next time I will be in Italy, I need to give it a try. It is a great way of spending time when travelling, because you can meet local people, learn about their lifestyle, culture and habits.

P1040433.JPGGreves in Chianti, Tuscany
P1040514.JPGGreves in Chianti, Tuscany

  During my last trip to Italy, which was Lake Garda, I decided to get some bottles of local wine and bring them back home. There are situated numerous, picturesque wine-growing areas. Eastern Garda is home to some of Italy’s most popular wines, such as Valpolicella, Soave, Bardolino and Lugana.  That’s how I reached to Zeni Winery, which is located in Bardolino, on the slopes of the hills along the eastern shore of Lake Garda.

IMG_2572.JPGMuseo del Vino at Zeni’s Winery
IMG_2562.JPGMuseo del Vino at Zeni’s Winery
IMG_2564Museo del Vino at Zeni’s Winery

   I must admit that I am not a true wine connoisseur, so I don’t want to share my opinion about wines. I just want to share my impressions about wine tasting as an experience itself. Being in Zeni Winery and having wine tasting was my first try. Wine tasting gives you opportunity to try new kinds and make a right choice what to buy. Besides, you gain knowledge which helps you choose right wine for various occasions. This experience made me realize that when it comes to wine, I shouldn’t be dismissive about it. I should deepen my knowledge about wine, its stocks and treat it with respect. It is a way of showing its producers respect, who treat it with passion, love and enthusiasm.

   In Zeni Winery you will also find the Wine Museum, where you will learn about the ancient winemaking culture. The museum is divided into thematic areas, dedicated to a different stage of wine production process, from growing to the bottling phase.  After going through the exhibitions, you reach to a wine tasting spot. Trying the most popular bottles is  free of charge, and for more expensive ones you need to pay a little charge.

IMG_2570.JPGMuseo del Vino at Zeni’s Winery
IMG_2571.JPGMuseo del Vino at Zeni’s Winery
IMG_2558Museo del Vino at Zeni’s Winery

   What will be my next wine tasting destination? Do you have any suggestions? Once, I thought that is a good idea to give somebody for a birthday gift a voucher for wine connoisseur course or wine tasting party with dinner. What do you think about that?


Ten post nie jest sponsorowany.

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